Our story

 "Suffering a football injury years ago, I wanted something to help with my recovery that wasn't prescription medication. After years of sports and pain medications I felt my body needed something different. 

I decided to try CBD and the benefits I experienced were amazing. I finally had found something that could help a wide range of health issues without the properties of a prescription drug.

Since then I have been a major advocate for CBD and what it can do. However, early on as a consumer I noticed what was lacking from the CBD market: a single place where consumers could shop for all things CBD. Something that would allow me to view products from multiple companies. 

I then created Hemp Guys, a CBD marketplace where consumers can purchase products from multiple top-tier companies all in one place. Because CBD is so new and laws are changing rapidly, I felt it was important to also make Hemp Guys a place where consumers could stay informed and educated as well.

I hope this marketplace can be your new headquarters for all things CBD."

- Justin Playdon, Founder of Hemp Guys