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"Our farmers cultivate their own clones using Receptra’s quality genetics, ensuring that the plants meet the highest standards and fulfill all of the requirements of the Colorado Department of Agriculture. We start with carefully selected mother plants and soil located in a fertile Colorado valley that provides great climate for optimal hemp growth.

Each of our hemp plants are cultivated on-site and carefully planted by experienced farmers and Receptra staff from throughout the entire company who understand the intricacies of the plant. Plants are both rain and drip irrigated and there are no chemicals used at any point during the planting, growth or harvesting processes.

The hemp flowers are naturally sun-dried before being hand-shucked. Hand shucking preserves the great terpene profile Receptra products are known for. How do we accomplish hand-shucking all of our plants? The entire Receptra family from the corporate office to our chemists, come together in on the farm with enthusiasm and a lot of muscle to get the job done!

When choosing your CBD Oil, keep in mind the brand’s standards and commitment to quality from farm to family. Receptra chooses environmental responsibility, attention to detail and transparency in all aspects of what we do. Here’s to another amazing hemp harvest season on the Receptra farm!"

- Receptra Naturals

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