Post-Workout CBD


Have you ever wondered what goes on internally when you get through a particularly tough workout? Your stress hormone levels skyrocket, your muscles develop micro-tears, and you mentally talk yourself through that grueling hour in the gym. You may think simply getting there and going through the motions is enough, but there are many levels to working out that are enhanced with the use of CBD. 

Building Muscle

Hormones - also known as catabolic hormones - cause a breakdown of muscle tissue. Cortisol is the hormone that is the cause of this breakdown of muscle tissue because it reduces protein synthesis and actively prevents tissue growth. Cortisol levels fluctuate throughout the day and are typically at their highest when stressed. 

High intensity workouts cause a lot of physical stress which increases your cortisol levels. This high amount of catabolic hormone can cause high blood pressure and eat up muscle tissue, which counteracts working out and building muscle. The key to muscle building is to keep your cortisol levels balanced before and during a workout. 

One way you can maintain your cortisol levels is by taking CBD. CBD interferes with cortisol secretion in the body and thus helps build more muscle by slowing down the breakdown of muscle tissue. You can take CBD sublingually by using CBD oil drops under your tongue before you start your workout. Some CBD companies supply CBD oil specifically for working out, like Receptra Active Lifestyle CBD Oil. If oil is not for you, then try popping a CBD Gel Capsule instead. Taking CBD before your high intensity workout can help you maintain a healthy cortisol balance and, in turn, encourage protein synthesis and muscle growth. 


Increasing Stamina


Mentally getting through a grueling workout is half the battle, and for those who have experienced particularly long workouts, “runner’s high” is a real thing. Runner’s high - a feeling of euphoria or being “in the zone” - results in reduced anxiety and lessened ability to feel pain. This in turn gives athletes the stamina it takes to complete extensive workouts. 

For decades scientists have associated this phenomenon with an increased level of endorphins in the blood. However, new studies have shown that endorphins may actually be too large to pass through the blood-brain barrier. The molecule that may actually cause this euphoric feeling is a rush of anandamide, the natural endocannabinoid compound regulated by CBD. 

Taking CBD before a long workout can give you the stamina you need to get a good pump in or for someone performing long periods of cardiovascular activity. CBD works with the body to regulate breathing, increase energy levels, and reduce cramps (due to its anti-inflammatory properties). Throw some CBD Gummies in your gym bag for an increase in stamina to get you through your next intense workout session. 


Jump-Starting Recovery 


Weight training and excessive cardio can be rough on the body: with each intense workout session your muscles develop tiny micro-tears in the muscle fibers. This damage caused to your muscles results in inflammation, which then triggers the repairing process. Sometimes too much inflammation occurs when there is not enough rest or when there is a lack of quality recovery between workouts. 

Too much inflammation can result in excessive muscle damage, poor form during workouts, and ultimately minor to major injuries. CBD’s pain relieving and inflammation reducing properties make it a great post-workout supplement to aid recovery. Reducing inflammation can reduce cramping and chances of injury, while relieving pain makes the entire process more comfortable. 

When choosing how to include CBD in your post-workout routine it’s important to consider reaping the benefits from the inside out. Tackling muscle recovery in this fashion is the most efficient way to help your muscles repair and grow. Hemp Meds Blue Tincture can be added to protein shakes, while BioCBD+’s Joint Relief CBD Oil can be massaged directly onto the muscles for an immediate pain relief post-workout. Try CBD before and after your next workout to see and feel the difference.